Bunny Party

Have you ever wanted to have a bunny birthday party but didn't own or have access to any? We we have the perfect solution. You can rent from our available bunnies! Be it one (1) or several. You can now take those pictures! 

You get to select which bunny(s) you want in your session. You select the length of time you want them available. We bring them to your location and stay until the session is over.  


Please contact us for AVAILABILITY!


Below are pictures of Happy Tails Flemish Giant's first bunny birthday party. The children had a blast and the parents were very pleased!

Bunny Party at the University! The students and faculty had a blasted. The event was a success. Students purchased Homecoming  tickets and were able to hold and take pictures with a Flemish!

*Once booked fees are NON-REFUNDABLE*  **$50 premium apply to HOLIDAYS**


You must make two (2) matching selections from below:  First (A) selection is Hourly Fees and second (B) selection is from the Hourly Bunny Party Fees. Selection of matching HOURS must be made for your reservation to be completed. Section C are the transport fees,please choose the appropriate one.

Section A 

Select one (1) from the drop down.

Handler Hourly Fees

Section B 

Select "ONLY" one (1) from the drop down to the right that matches your selection in Section A.

Example: Section A selection is 2 hour then Section B will be in the 2 Hour drop down as well. If you need help please call us and we will walk you through this process.

1 Hour Bunny Party Fees
2 Hour Bunny Party Fees

Section C 

If you are outside of a 10 mile radius a transport fee will be charged.

Transport Fee

Please contact us to set your date and time.