ARBA Registration Process

We invest the time, energy, effort, and money to get it right. So all you have to do is select a quality and warranted baby!

We use the ARBA Registration process to ensure that ONLY quality Flemish Giants are part of our breeding program. Our bunnies are subjected to a physical examination. Only upon successfully passing this exam will we consider using a Flemish in our breeding program. Failure to pass the examine will result in that particular Flemish being fixed and placed in a home, free of charge.

We don't believe in CULLING. We would much rather breed responsibly!

Below is the process used by ARBA for registration:

The American Rabbit Breeders Association has a unique and exacting registration system. Unlike other animal registration systems, each rabbit orcavy must be examined by a licensed registrar, certified free from heritable defects and found to meet specific breed requirements as outlined in the ARBA Standard of Perfection. 

The ARBA does not issue registrations of litters or register individual rabbits based on the registration or pedigree of its sire or dam. Each rabbit or cavy must be at least six (6) months of age before it can be inspected by a licensed ARBA Registrar. Because of its exacting requirements, the ARBA Rabbit/Cavy Registration system is arguably the single best livestock or petstock registration system in the world. 

In order to receive an ARBA Registrar's license, each individual must be a continuous member of the ARBA for at least three (3) years, as well as have secured the written endorsement of 20 ARBA members in good standing prior to submitting an application to the ARBA office. Upon being approved to apply for an ARBA Registrar's License, the applicant has two (2) years in which to pass a written and oral examination delivered by an official examining judge appointed by the ARBA and must work under three (3) judges at three (3) shows, assist one (1) registrar with registering animals, and secure the endorsement of the registar and at least two (2) of the judges under whom he or she has worked. 

Each rabbit or cavy that successfully passes the examination and whose owner (a current member of the ARBA) upon submission of the $6.00 registration fee, may receive an official ARBA Registration Certificate upon which may be affixed a seal: 

~ Red denotes registration of both parents 
~ Red and White - all parents and grandparents have been registered 
~ Red, White, & Blue indicates that all animals on the registration form were registered 
~ Gold indicates all ancestors on the registration certificate were registered grand champions

 ARBA Registration Process