About Us

Over the years we have owned English Mastiffs, Yorkshire Terriers, cats, chickens, guinea pigs, turtles, and mutts. We currently have a Black Russian Terrier, a Pomeranian, a mutt, and 3 cats

Simply stated we are an animal family!

Prior to starting our rabbitry we made a commitment to quality. We want to produce bunnies that not only met the breed standard but exceeded it. 

To establish our rabbitry we purchased rabbits from Texas, Pennsylvania, California, Michigan, Minnesota, and Canada. Our rabbitry is founded on the stock of longtime and very reputable breeders such as Jack Langley, Eugene Gubala, Dan Brinks, Luara LachettBill MairsTherese FabelaDr. Dan Hall to name a few. There have and will be many more as we strive for continued improvement.

It is our belief that taking the best available stock and crossbreeding them will improve not just the genetic pool but also bone, mass, and length. Our focus is on improving mass, bone, length, and weight. We want to put GIANT back into Flemish Giant. Because with Flemish SIZE DOES MATTER. 

Our first generation fawn breeding produced our boy Buddy. He topped out at 19.3 pounds. He is the off-spring of a pair of 16 pound fawns. Buddy, consequently produced our second generation of babies that ranged from 32-34 inches (nose to butt) long and weighing 22-24 pounds! Replicating these results on a consistent basis is our goal!