Happy Tails Flemish Giants is a family owned adventure into rabbitry. We are a small yet responsible Flemish Giant rabbitry based in Murrieta CA and established in 2012. We produce quality Flemish Giants on a limited basis. Our focus is on improving mass, bone, length, and weight. We want to emphasize GIANT in Flemish Giant. Because with Flemish SIZE DOES MATTER.

We offer rehoming opportunities based on three (3) QUALITY categories, StandardExceptional, and Superior.

*A Standard Quality Flemish Giant is either a KitJunior, or Intermediate, with both parents weighing up to 17 pounds and/or the rabbit itself weighs up to 17 pounds.

*An Exceptional Quality Flemish Giant is either a Kit, Junior, or Intermediate with at least one parent weighing between 17-20 pounds and/or the rabbit itself weighs between 17-20 pounds.

*A Superior Quality Flemish Giant is either a Kit, Junior, or Intermediate with at least one parent weighing over 20 pounds and/or the rabbit itself weighs over 20 pounds.

We have the following variety: Fawn, Blue, Black, Sandy, Light Grey, and White. We are members of the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) and the National Federation of Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders, (NFFGRB). Our rabbitry registration number is D5372.

We don't believe in CULLING. We would much rather breed selectively and responsibly!

Ideally all of our breeding stock bunnies are REGISTERED with ARBA. We provide a (2) month health (ILLNESS replacement NOT Injury) warranty on all of our Kits.

WE SHIP: Nationally and Export Internationally from San Diego International and Los Angeles International Airports. For domestic shipping cost please contact Delta Cargo @ 800-352-2746  and/or American Airlines Cargo @ 800-227-4622
. For international shipping cost please contact Avico Logistics Services @ 323-454-8100.

Additionally, transport to the airport and "door to door" delivery of your new family member is also available at a cost of $1.50 per mile one way. In high traffic areas there will be a surcharge of $50.

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Buddy's Sister 24lbs

Buddy's Sister 24lbs

Ruby  22.75lbs.

Ruby 22.75lbs.

Buddy's Off-spring 21lbs

Buddy's Off-spring 21lbs

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