Quality Categories & Available Flemish


As we continue with our size improvement breeding program we will offer Kits, Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Flemish Giants to new homes.

We offer the following three (3) categories of quality: 
a) Standard Quality - $200.00 = are kits, juniors, intermediates, or seniors with both parents or the rabbit itself weigh up to 17 pounds.

b) Exceptional Quality  - $300.00 = are kits, juniors, intermediates, or seniors with at least (1 ) one parent or the rabbit itself weighs between 17-20 pounds.

c) Superior Quality  - $500.00 = are kits, juniors, intermediates, or seniors with at least one (1) parent or the rabbit itself weighs over 20 pounds.

Six (6) varieties/colors = Blue, Fawn, Sandy, Light Grey, Black, and White.

A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a bunny. However, deposits are refundable if we do not have the sex (buck or doe) or variety/color you selected when making your deposit.

A Reserve Position is a back up position in case any of the original/primary buyers are unable to complete the agreement. Your deposit is FULLY REFUNDABLE if  your chosen variety (color) and sex (buck or doe) Kit is not available.

We offer shipping: at buyers expense nationally and international from San Diego International or Los Angeles International Airports)To get national shipping cost please contact Delta Cargo @ 800-352-2746 and/or American Airlines Cargo @ 800-227-4622.

For international shipping cost please contact Avico Logistics Services @ 323-454-8100.

Our transport fees are $1.25 per mile and a surcharge of $50 for high traffic routes and "door to door" delivery of your new family member is also available.



Travel Carrier (20L x 13W x 11H)
Water Bottle 8 oz
Lock & Crock Dish Small Animal Bowl 6 oz
Transport Fee