Our Off-Spring

Buddy was a first generation of our breeding program. He was born on 4-21-2015. His top weight has been 19.3 pounds. His type is a true representation of the breed standard. He has exceptional bone, large head, awesome length, long ears, correct body, and a laid back personality. He is an English Mastiff in a Flemish body!

Pictured is Gigi at about 9 months old and 19 pounds on the left. She is 13 months old and 24 pounds pictured next to her best friend, Juneau, the St. Bernard. What a beautiful example of the breed. She is Buddys litter-mate. 

Buddy's Off-spring

These beautiful Fawn boys pictured at about 7 months old. They live a life of luxury as they travel the country in a luxury RV with their owner. I once teased him that I would like to be his bunny. I want to live the life of being pampered and cared for. We laughed.   

This beautiful girl is Jozy, the litter-mate to those handsome boys. She is pictured at about 9 months old. Her owner said she was almost 3 ft long and weighed 20 pounds. She is a therapy bunny to her owner who is an Iraq War Vet. 

Pictured is JY a litter-mate to the above 3 fawns. At 9 months old (the picture on the right) JY is a massive boy topping out at almost 24 pounds and 34 inches long.

Daisy's Off-spring

This is Cora, a  Daisy x Wilbur baby as well as a first generation off-spring. She was born on 8-2-2016. Pictured at 6 months old and was in our bunny care for 5 days.

Sandy Girl's Off-spring

Sandy Girl X Marvin

This is Bo, a first generation off-spring out of Sandy Girl x Marvin. Pictured at 8 months old and was in our bunny care for 5 days. 

This is Otis, pictured to the right at 10.5 months old and 15.9 lbs. and still maturing. 

Sandy Girl X Wilbur

This is Mark, he is a first generation off-spring. Pictured on the left at 2 months old. Notice those beautiful ears! Pictured on the right at 4 months.